The role of honey at our Health


In recent years scientific research has brought to light many beneficial properties of honey, which most people use as a sweetener for breakfast, milk, coffee or tea, or as a spread on bread and toast


The goodness that bring the honey for the human organism are summarized in the following:


harm reduction of chemotherapy in patients with


improving oral health

Healthy Food preservative




antioxidant system Improve athletic performance


more extensive study of the most recent scientific research, indicates that honey can delay the oxidation of various food and especially meat for several days , making it a highly qualitative food preservative. In addition, honey seemed to contain similar amounts of antioxidant ingredients with enough fruits, therefore, is an essential component in the fight against harmful free radicals in our body. So honey consumption protects against cancer, cardiovascular disease, while among the foods that delay aging.


The daily small honey consumption helps to maintain stable blood glucose values. Antioxidants and some other ingredients contained in honey also appears to have an antibacterial action, consequently honey can help fight peptic ulcers, inflammations and infections.


With regard to sport performance, scientific studies show that intake of honey provides instant carbohydrates, which improve stamina, as well as the carbohydrate drinks or gels used widely during various sports.


In conclusion, the honey as a sweetener bring significant advantages in comparison with sugar and we must introduce in our diet as a substitute. Use the honey as much as you can and reduce the daily sugar intake to a minimum.


The role of honey at our Health

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