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North of the plain of Messara stands the snowcapped Psiloritis (Ida), where pilgrims from the Stone Age to the 12th century AD, came up with offerings to honor the Oreia Mother and Divine Child Spring, Zeus the Kritageni in Kamares cave and the Ideon Andron, located just above the village Vorizia.

The forested slopes of Mount Ida above the village were a place of grazing and logging of the Minoan era because the Cretan cypress was suitable for ship building. The area supplied the market of Phaistos with meat, milk, cheese, wool, honey and herbs.

In the most inaccessible canyons Vorizia and Kamares can admire wonderful chasmophytes, several of which are endemic, such as petromaroula the favor of Zeus and dittany, the plant that is a symbol of Crete.

In spring and summer the lower slopes of Psiloreitis are filled with colors and redolences: marjoram, achinopodia, thrympes, thyme, sage, Hyperion, burnets, flomoi using spikes as protection from animals, fluff and change their foliage to protect themselves from dehydration, perfume for attracting or repelling insect pests.


The area The area The area

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