Our Honey

Mountains of Crete – where our honey is produced - vegetation is dense, consisting of native herbs, trees, shrubs many of which are rare and only flourish on the island , away from the city pollution. Plants such asprothymos (white thyme), dittany, pine, sage, thyme , etc. are found in abundance.

So this bio-system, the rich in endemic plants provides bees excellent food to produce our honey that stands out for its high nutritional value. We are talking about a completely natural product, continuing the tradition saying that Crete ceaselessly from prehistoric times produces honey which is the most aromatic in the world. According to mythology it was the food of Zeus, the other gods and mortals.

Besides the myth mentions that the bee was a nurse – nymph of Zeus. She was the daughter of the first king of Crete Melisseus and named his daughter melissa(bee in greek). From her were the Minoans taught the art of beekeeping. In Minoan times honey was the basic food andproduct the Minoanstraded as evidenced by archaeological findings. But in ancient times as well it was considered medicine by Hippocrates and other famous doctors. They had diagnosed the therapeutic and medicinal value and recommended a variety of applications.

Today is a necessary component  of the Cretan - Mediterranean diet offering health and longevity. It is an excellent natural sweetener because the sugars it contains are  such that enable it to be used even in cases of diabetes mellitus. The main vitamin (E), along with other removes harmful products from the body either from the metabolism or by exogenous factors such as smoking, radiation and carcinogens.

Our honey from the godly mountain of Idi is pure, nutritious and healthy. Children (over one year), athletes for energy and generally everyone because of the wellbeing it offers and its antioxidant activity.

It is also part of the tradition of Crete and Greece as it is used in every happy happening ( weddings, christenings, birthdays and any celebration). Many traditional sweets and other preparations contain honey making them healthier and more palatable than those in which only sugar is used. This makes it be highly sought after in Greece and abroad.


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